Healthy Mental Patterns

People with Multiple Sclerosis have common mental patterns specific to their symptoms. These patterns can leave a person very vulnerable to life stressors, mishaps, accidents, and disease.   How do you transform those patterns? How do you restore health?

What is Health?

To begin to understand our goal in establishing healthy mental patterns, first we must understand what is health.  For most of its history, medicine viewed health as a lack of disease. In 1948 the World Health Organization (WHO) proposed a new definition:   

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being
and not merely the absence of disease”

In essence, health is not just the absence of disease; it is the ability to respond to the challenges of being alive and still feel good. In hypnotherapy, we transform the mental patterns that produce anxiety, stress, contradictions, self-judgments and feelings of unworthiness. We create robust mental patterns that produce inner peace, confidence, internal and external congruency and a sense of worthiness.

Healthy Mental Pattern

When a person is healthy, no matter what is happening in the outside world, the inner world is still well.

These patterns, such as knowing who you are from the inside-out and being fully connected in the mind, body and within yourself allows you to feel totally grounded, confident, and a have a certain sense of control no matter what environmental stressors are occurring.

Preventing Multiple Sclerosis

Transforming one's patterns into healthy and robust mental patterns that allow one to respond to life's stressors in an optimum way might not only prevent the onset of MS but many other autoimmune diseases as well.

Medical Hypnotherapy for Multiple Sclerosis

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