Hypnotherapy for Allergies

Hypnotherapy for Allergies can produce immediate relief by retraining the immune system to respond appropriately to allergens. Usually only 1 to 3 sessions are needed to gain complete relief of symptoms.

The Main Causes of Allergies and How to Treat Them

Historically allergies where thought to be caused by the inability of an individual's body to cope with certain allergens. 

Some people where thought to be physically and chronically intolerant to pollens, dander, dust, etc. and their allergies where treated with antihistamines that lowered the immune system's "reactivity" as the only means for relief. 

But....what if, through a hypnotherapy treatment for allergies you could teach your immune system to not react to things that aren't really dangerous in the first place, such as dust, pollens, and dander?  Would that mean that you trained your immune system to become stronger, more tolerant, and smarter? Or perhaps, as has been shown by an 80% success rate, the allergic reaction is not caused by a defective, intolerant and weak immune system, but by a simple misinterpretation of the system in a moment of stress or adaptation? 

Found the cat last night. Petted, rubbed, scratched him, then deliberately rubbed and scratched my eyes. No reaction. could this really be true? After 40+ years? More experiments to come, but having that sense of "been there, done that" already. Will keep you posted. Chris

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