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My experience of working with Eva Clark on my severe animal allergy was nothing short of a miracle in my life. Using a combination of hypnosis and NLP she relieved me of 35 years of suffering in 20 minutes time! That was about 10 months ago and now I take great pleasure in the cats and dogs that have once again become an important source of pleasure for me. This extraordinary experience has made me a true believer in the power of the body-mind connection....and Eva Clark.  - Mitchell, Santa Cruz, CA

I just wanted to let you know I tested HPV free and dysplastic cell free!  Thank you so much for your assistance in my healing journey.  - S.R. Santa Cruz, CA

I had a frustrating cat allergy that prevented me from relaxing on the couch with my grand- children at my son's house, due to all the cat hairs.  Eva did her magic on me (NLP) and then tested it after- wards by having me sit in a chair with her cat. I was nervous about it but I didn't get the usual scratchy eyes after petting the cat. It wasn't until I spent time at my son's house sitting on the sofa riddled with cat hairs that I realized I was truly over my cat allergy!  I highly recommend Eva!  She has a wonderful gift in this area of which I am very grateful to have received!   - Judy, Watsonville, CA

I used Eva's services to help me prepare for a painful medical procedure. I'm unable to tolerate much medication (e.g. pain meds) due to my health issues so I was concerned about the level of discomfort I might experience. I met with Eva prior to the procedure and we discussed how I would like to feel during the procedure, how I could think of it in a positive way (she explained this would help my body accept the process), my overall health goals, etc. From this information, Eva made me a recording to listen to before and during the procedure. I listened to it several times in the days leading up to the procedure, in the car on the way there (someone else was driving!), in the waiting room and during the procedure itself. I know I would have experienced much more fear, anxiety and physical discomfort (since tension increases pain) had I not been so deeply relaxed from the recording. And the fact that the recording was so personalized made it feel much more effective.
     My doctor had told me that if there is too much tightness in the body, the procedure is sometimes unsuccessful and then it has to be rescheduled with the patient having to take medication the next time (which I wanted to avoid) to ensure the muscles are relaxed enough. After my procedure was successful, she said I did great and that she could tell I was very relaxed.
     In addition to helping me get through this experience with more ease, I am still using some of the suggestions from the recording for rapid relaxation whenever I feel the need. I also experienced imagery during the recording of how I will feel when I am completely well. That gives me more confidence that I will get well and I believe that can only help me in my healing journey.
     Thanks Eva!! - Carrie

Eva’s elegant use of hypnotherapy helped me transform a chronic dental issue into a healthy connection with my body’s signals. Now, when I have a flare-up, I am able to use what I learned during the sessions to address the issue without fear or panic or surgery! I highly recommend Eva’s professional services as a powerful healing modality. -Denise, Santa Cruz, CA

I have received several treatments from Eva for some ongoing physical health challenges that are related to patterns in consciousness that no longer serve.  With Eva's support, I have been able to get clearer about some of the mental origins of the health challenges and have made good progress toward resolution.   - Beth, Santa Cruz, CA

It was really cold the other day, crazy wind and.. my hands did not do the Raynauld's phenomenon thing! I feel so great! It's hard to believe that the process we did has given me such incredible results!! I really thought “it works for others but I don’t think it will work for me!” Wow, was I wrong! Thanks for learning what you've learned, caring about what you care about, and doing what you do.  I am so grateful.  - Tiffany, Santa Cruz, CA

Since my mother's passing in a car accident, I've had recurring anxiety attacks while driving. Overwhelming fear of something happening to me that would leave my children without their mom, as well.  I used to take meds to be able to drive, as "not driving" was not an option. But, I hated the thought of being handicapped to meds to live life normally. I've know Eva for years, and knew what she was doing, but did not know if she could help me. And, today, I have been off of my meds for over 2 years. I'm able to get into a car, and drive without the fear of something traumatic happening to me.   It was a journey, not a quick-fix, and I highly recommend Eva. She is passionate, compassionate, and full of grit and determination to helping you. I definitely want her on my team against my mind and thoughts. - Maria C., Houston, TX

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