The 5 Basic Steps to Heal Multiple Sclerosis

There are 5 basis steps to heal multiple sclerosis and any chronic long term disease. These are the key issues that need to be addressed to assure success in activating the bodies self-healing and creating lasting health. 

The 5 Basic Steps to Healing Multiple Sclerosis

1.   Commitment - Want to change, be persistent and take the responsibility to change the reality you are in.

“Some people say ‘I will heal myself’, but they never go through the process.” Paula Marie Jackson, Healing Light Guided Imagery

2.  Understand the mental cause of and the lessons behind the disease. 

Without changing the unhealthy mental patterns, beliefs and behaviors, technically termed psychosocial cause, that created the fertile ground for the illness; substituting the symptom for temporary relief will not create lasting change and the symptoms will return or others will appear elsewhere in the body. 

3.   Transform your unhealthy mental patterns and limiting beliefs. 

Especially important are these main obstacles to healing.  These 3 beliefs that could be creating havoc in your life and your body:

  • "If I could just control everything, then I'd be ok." (usually experienced as the need for perfection or to be in control)
  • "I am unworthy / I don't deserve health." (usually experienced by the constant need to prove ones worth)
  • "I have to meet your needs to the detriment of mind." "I don't have needs." (usually experienced as the inability to say no)

4.  In order to disconnect from the broken / diseased self, you need to have a healthy, robust, transformed future self to connect to (and you must be willing to disconnect from that old self entirely). Who will you become without this disease?  What will you spend your time with? What do you really want?  What will make the voyage of transformation worthwhile?

5.   Have a personal healing remedy.

Create a daily visualization or ritual. This will keep up the momentum of transformation, keep you focused on your intent and help activate self-healing. 

This is a daily ritual and one for you to do whenever things feel tough or stressful.

In summary, to heal multiple sclerosis, there must be a willingness to go through the steps necessary, a focus on a future healthy you, a commitment and daily practice, and diligently working to resolve the underlying psychosocial causes behind the disease. If not, symptoms may temporarily disappear but, most probably, will return in the same location or as another symptom in another location. 

Medical Hypnotherapy for Multiple Sclerosis

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